Competitive Pricing

competitive pricing is our top priority, we aim to foster long-term partnerships and enhance customer satisfaction.

Efficient logistics

We collaborate with the best shippers and transport agents to ensure a fast and easy transport of our goods.

Environmental Protection

Increase profits, while reducing the carbon footprint. Choose recycled plastic!

Our mission is to provide a reliable distribution service for thermoplastic raw materials, based on quality of service to our customers and suppliers. Find a recycling solution for any plastic waste and to promote three R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Continuously supply via contracted best-in-class suppliers of high-quality recycled materials.  We have wide portfolio of branded quality recycled materials ranging from polyolefins PP, PE, to engineering thermoplastics PA, ABS, PC, POM.

We are never afraid to get our hands dirty! We take pride in exercising absolute ownership over the outcome of every task or challenge.



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